The moments that make the memories

Wedding season has begun. It began for me last week at a sweet little soiree with loads of country charm. And it got me thinking,... There are so many cool moments at weddings. Connections between family, glances between loved ones, tears wiped away, and the laughter and excitement of a good party. Weddings are amazingly fun for me, and it's all about hunting down those moments...

What is going to be the thing that your guests talk about most after your wedding? Is it the Dress? Or the details? Or the good times had by all?

The point is, hiring a professional photographer like myself means getting all of the aspects that make your special day memorable because we hunt down those moments that you and your guests will be talking about long after the day is done.

The Dances. The stolen moments. Everything that makes your wedding day special to you.

I look forward to capturing your special moments!