Who says you aren't photogenic? Not me.

I recently enjoyed a lovely afternoon with a couple whose wedding is next summer. Kara and Tim live in southern Connecticut, just outside New York City. While they may be getting married in Connecticut next summer, Kara felt strongly that she needed to get back to her Vermont roots for their engagement session. The engagement session is a really important part of my process when photographing weddings. I need that intimate time with my clients. I need them to find themselves in my lenses and get comfortable. I need to figure out the logistics of each couple. And I need to know what each person has to say about themselves. Kara kept telling me how she didn't photograph well. How she just never looked good and her expressions were "weird." I never saw that... but I did learn she blinks a lot. So, by the end of the session, I figured her out, what her rhythm is, and how she plays out in front of my camera. And she loves them. I can't wait for July!