For me, photography is a window into my subjects’ lives and world. I use photography to capture a slice of life. My passion for the captured image is evident in my work and the reason why I have chosen to specialize in wedding photography, portraiture, and life events.
— Kim


Kim is an energetic artist at heart, which allows her to capture creative images that surpass typical wedding photography. She has a charismatic, photojournalistic style that is unobtrusive and sets you and your guests at ease. She acquired many of her documentary style techniques while studying filmmaking in San Francisco.  After attending film school San Francisco, she worked in New York City in the film industry. Following September 11th, 2001, Kim and her husband, Chip, rearranged their priorities and moved back to Vermont to be closer to their families. Kim used this as an opportunity to change directions with her passion for the visual arts. She decided to take on still photography professionally while obtaining a Masters In Education to enable her to teach high school art, specifically photography.

"As our friends around us all got married, wedding photography was making a connection with me. I started my business in still photography in 2005.  I shot all of my early weddings in film, using my purist roots in cinema and storytelling to help develop my own style. I made the jump to digital early and now shoot almost exclusively in digital format. I'll pull out an old medium format camera if the occasion calls for it, but I've found I can really push myself in the digital realm."

Chip has stepped up into the role of professional photographer, as well. He has always been the major influence on Kim when it comes to still photography, returning from a couple of European tours with hundreds of beautiful images, not to mention the urban landscapes they have lived within.  He has always had a camera on hand throughout their relationship of nearly two decades.  He has assisted on several events with Kim. Additionally, Chip has shot several events himself, providing for a different perspective.  When working together, Kim and Chip offer complete coverage of the action, but also the reaction of the event.  Together, they offer a complete package.

"I am a born and raised Vermonter. I grew up with Mansfield and Camel's Hump alwaysin my view. I was inspired by my surroundings and always knew I would raise a family here, too."

Kim and Chip have four daughters: Violette, Saige, Olive, and Rose. They make wonderful subjects for their cameras, and in addition to an artistic sensibility, they seem to have a bit of the shutter bug themselves. They love picking up the point and shoot cameras and creating a record of their point of view. 

"Now, I live in Jeffersonville, at the base of Smugglers' Notch and Mansfield. I'm enjoying life as a mom, wife, snowboard instructor, artist, Jill of All Trades, problem solver, gardener, the list goes on. Of all things, photography has become my tool for expression that suits me best."